Tuesday, 20 March 2012

PUCH stripdown stage 1

Hey everyone

Got started on the PUCH today, has not been as difficult as i first thought and I got a load of pictures as I went

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Been at work on the PUCH today took it into work with me so once I had done all the repairs I got to start stripping it down. So far I have stripped the rear end of the bike down and taken the drive train off and cleaned and re greased the bottom bracket. I have also been taking off the bits of faf that I wont want hanging on the frame when it is done ! so taken off the pannier rack and the mudguards and also the cable routing mounts and a prop stand.

I did not have my big camera today so took pictures on my phone hopefully they have not come out too bad.

Taking Off the mudguards found the bolts were very rusty and had to drill this one out,you can see the lubricant i used to try and unstick it. i use GT85 (like WD40 but much better and cheaper) 

Another rusty bolt, did not have to drill this one though ! 

where the rear mudguard mounts 

seat and post out (i really like how the frame is very flush at the top of the seat tube)

one of the gear cable routing straps this has been removed

the frame without the mudguards

chainguard off and crank removed to get to the mounting but is mounted on the bottom bracket so had to remove that to get to it

here you can see the other gear cable routing strap (removed) and also a pump clip (also removed)

Bottom bracket coming out, bearings are in really nice condition so just gave it all a clean re-greased and replaced it 

Cranks back on and chain guard removed this is roughly how the frame will look once finished still need to do some work on the stem and handlebars 

Cranks all cleaned up and shiny 

Back brake after a bit of a clean needs a bit more doing to it dirt underneath and in the mechanism, they work really nicely though and look lovely polished up.

The tab sticking from the chainstay was for mounting the chainguard to not sure if to cut it off or use it to mount a light on comment below with what you think i should do ! 

This is the front brake to show how the rear one looked before a clean, hence wanting to strip it down to get to all of the bits i could not with it together.

So that is how the PUCH stands at the mo i hope you like how it is coming along. 

if you have any questions or want to see some other pictures just comment below and i will try and update you the next time with answers and pictures :) your opinions on how you think it is going to would be awesome



  1. I'm so impressed with the quality of photo from your phone! I'm even more impressed with how good the bike is looking already, it looks fantastic! xx

  2. haha so was i actually ! it takes a really good photo ! :) aww thankyou lovely ! i cant wait to get a bit more done ! am really looking forward to seeing it done ! xx