Sunday, 18 March 2012

First bike :) PUCH touring bike

Hey everyone 

Here is the first bike i am going to be doing ! I picked it up the other day at a local market. 

is a PUCH touring bike (not sure what model) in a really nice blue colour unfortunately it does not have any wheels with it so i will be putting some deep section rims on it and some track hubs. I am currently thinking either red rims with whitewall tyres or white rims with black tyres and red hubs 

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The pictures are as the bike was when i picked it up. It does not look like much currently but after a bit of a clean (lots of elbow-grease on the rust) it will look really good mechanically the parts on it are in really good condition not that there are many as yet it just needs a bit of tlc to liven it up a bit ! 

I will be starting work on this tuesday so will take some pictures as i go 

Any comment with ideas of what i should do would be awesome thankyou 



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this completed! I can imagine it will look great hehe :) Love the colour xx

  2. thankyou very much ! i am glad you like it ! i am looking froward to seeing the finished product too ! xx