Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Diamondback Jump Bike

okay so putting this one up for a friend of mine !

This is a diamondback jump bike (not sure what model) but it has a hydro formed aluminium frame (really lightweight) a fairly decent set of forks on it.

continue reading to see more

i have already upgraded the cranks and bottom bracket to Shimano Octalink used cranks with a brand new sealed bottom bracket

it also has a really nice Mavic Crossride front wheel with a flangeless hub and radial spokes which looks really nice

the frame is going to need a respray so will keep you posted as this happens but for now here is a couple of pictures

The bike as it stands now, still needs quite a bit of work doing on it possibly a new back wheel at some point

In this picture is difficult to see but on the top tube you can see some of where the paint is missing on the top tube hence wanting a re-spray.

Shimano Alivo rear mech works perfectly does not look amazing but is only cosmetic

New (to the bike) Shimano crank has had new chain rings put on it and a new bottom bracket and crank bolts. Has been upgraded from the standard square taper to a much stiffer and more reliable Octalink design

The Mavic Crossride Front wheel is difficult to see the hub here but is really nice all sealed bearings. wheel runs perfectly true. you can also see the fork here with lockout for when riding on the road.

This is not the usual type of bike i will put up on here this is just so my friend can have a look but any comments would be ace


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