Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Puch fixie Part 3 (finished pictures)

Hey everyone not been on in a while

I have recently managed to finish the Puch off and is looking awesome. In this post i will  have some pictures going from the start of the build to the end product which i am very pleased with !

The Puch is also for sale at
more pictures inside

So This is what the puch looks like after a few hours of stripping cleaning and rebuilding. it has had 2 new wheels fitted. The Rear wheel is a Sealed flip flopTrack Fixed hub setup as a fixed gear with a 16t chainring, this is a 700c wheel. 

 the front is a 700c wheel with a shimano hub on the wheels do not match but are very similar and are exactly the same size. it has also had a pair of gum wall tyres put on it which keep with the vintage look of the bike

Shimano Front hub

Front Rim

Rear Hub

Rear Rim

Here you can see the new stem i put in it was just lying around in the workshop at work so i put that on and it looks so much better you can also see a bit of the bra tape i wrapped the bars with. I have not quite finished the wrapping yet as i did not have any white tape to finish it with

This picture shows some of the rust around the bottom bracket. i decided not to Re-spray the frame as i like how the rust adds to the vintage feel of the bike

Standard toe clip pedals

 I did a bit of work on the bottom bracket and cleaned up the cranks and fitted a new chain. the bottom bracket bearings were in fairly good condition, i just gave them a clean re-greased them and put them all back together. I also fitted a new KMC singlespeed chain as the old one was shot

You can see a bit of rust on the seat springs i could have ground it off but i thought that it adds to a bit of the character of the bike. is also a really comfy saddle!

Well There you go. The Puch Fixie is finished and looking really good ! the white bar tape and gum wall tyres really go with the overall look of the bike. i have had a brief ride of it and it really is a lovely bike to ride !

It is up for sale now i am looking in the region of £200 for it but will take offers

if you are interested here is a link to where i am selling it or you can comment below and i will give you my details


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