Sunday, 26 August 2012

1961 vintage BSA Gold Crest fixie

Hey Everyone

Sorry has been such a long time ! been really busy setting something up which i will be posting about in a couple of weeks.

But in the meantime i have just finished the work on my 1961 BSA Gold Crest

Thought i would share with you all what i have done on it and give you some pictures.

Read on for more pictures

So pleased with how the B.S.A has come out ! looks really good and the tan wall tyres, brown bar tape and brown saddle really keeps the vintage look but bring it bang up to date too. Gutted i cold not find a brooks cheap enough though. 

You can see i decided with this one to go for a front brake. I actually used the front brake from my Puch Touring bike and bit of old outer cable also from it. i felt these fitted the vintage look of the bike and the have a little bit of rust on them that suits the look of the frame. you can also see the Leda bar tape i fitted. Went for the brown with the holes in to complete a classic look. 

I added a Madison flux saddle also in brown as it really suited the style of the bike and was also really quite comfy considering how it looks ! 

Gold Crest downtube logo

The Original B.S.A pedals cranks and chainrings. These are also from 1961 and came with the bike, when i got the frame and fork combination the cranks came with it. they did need quite a bit of work however, the pedals were a bit bent and very rusty but i took a dremmel with a soft wire brush to them and they came up brilliantly with a bit of polish after. 

Another shot of the front brake. You can also see the headtube badge in the picture.

The wheelset came off a different bike i bought at a local market. i bought the bike for it wheels so i could put them on this as they had a fixed rear hub. The rear sprocket, lockring and chain are new though.

 The frame does have a bit of rust to it ! this being the worst on the rear seat stay. none of it it through the tubing and is purely cosmetic. i was considering getting the frame re-enameled but was going to cost way more than i wanted to spend.

The front wheel came with these awesome wheel nuts on it. after a bit of a polish they came up really nice ! not sure what brand they are but clearly from a track racer.

The rims are these Rigida Chromix from france they do have a bit of rust and pitting but it really ads to the vintage feel of the bike! with it being from 1961 i felt it made sense for it to look like it had lived a bit and it does really carry that image and does it well too ! 

I hope you all like this bike as much as i do ! i was really worried it was not going to come out as well as it has so i am really pleased ! it is such a beautiful bike to ride ! really comfortable and when you put your foot down it just flies too ! 

Will add some pics of my next bike a vintage Raleigh Wayfarer ladies bike soon. just waiting on getting it finished ! would be great to hear from some people too to see if a build diary style thing is what people would like to see ! 



  1. Hi,
    could you tell me if the Gold Crest has 531 tubing, kind regards Richard.

  2. Hi Richard sorry about the late reply !

    Unfortunately the bike is just standard steel tubing it has no markings for Reynolds or Columbus or likewise however it is a beautiful bike to ride and does not weigh a ridiculous ammount