Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dawes Shadow fixie Reynolds 500

 Hello everyone

Sorry about the delay getting this up i have been quite busy recently !

Here it is though my Dawes Shadow Fixie

It has a reynolds 500 frame Mach omega track wheels and Sturmey Archer cranks

Read on for more pictures

I bought the Dawes at a local market recently as a full racer with all the trimmings mudguards etc but it was in a bit of a sorry state the wheels were bent and crushed in places and the mudguards were knackered so i stripped it back to the frame and went for a grey and white colourscheme to blend with the detailing on the frame.

One of the things I found for putting on the Dawes was this white half link chain and Sturmey Archer chainset. I think they really set of the bike updating the bike to a similar spec to that of the original 

I went with the Mach omega wheels again but in white this time to go with the coloursheme i had in mind. The Mach Omega wheels are really nice and lightweight and are really well built ! 

I noticed the handlebars that came on the bike were a bit bent after unwrapping and removing parts so i decided to cut them shorter and flip them in the hipster style. they are really comfortable to ride and look the part too.

The frame did come with a bit of damage to it but it is merely cosmetic and does not effect the frame in any way

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