Thursday, 26 June 2014

1960s Carlton Corsair Fixie

Hello all

Got a new bike ready to go so I thought I would share some pics of it for you guys to have a look at

It is a mid 1960s Carlton Corsair made from Reynolds 531 tubing so is nice and light

I have spent a while doing this one because I wanted to make sure it was just right. That and doing up a house takes up a lot of your free time !

Carlton corsair just finished 

I have some better pictures to upload but I felt it's already been too long since I wrote a blog post so put this one up 

It has had most components replaced new Chain set, Bottom Bracket, Both Wheels, Chain, Bar Tape, Tyres and Tubes 

It has a pretty rare saddle fitted a lovely lycet l'avenir leather saddle which is really nice to ride on this is a vintage saddle but in fantastic condition the leather is great and the metal has a great patina but not rusted.

I took it for a bit of a ride today it is fantastic to ride really nice and smooth, if you haven't ridden a steel framed road bike there isn't any of the harshness you get on a aluminium frame making it much more comfortable to ride. 

Anyway first post back after a while off so I hope you like the bike. I shall add some more pictures of the bike soon with close ups of the saddle etc. 

Comment if you want to see more or with questions on how I did the conversion ! 


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  1. Hello there. I just bought a Corsair frame with a similar idea in mind. Can I ask what size/type bottom bracket you used, please? Many thanks. Bernard, Glasgow.